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The Easiest Way To Wash Your Car

Request a car wash anywhere with the tap of a button 

So easy, you’ll never have a dirty car ever again.


At home? At work? Preparing for a big night out? Download the LeafBlast car wash app and request a wash, wherever you’re at. Pick up your date…or the grandma in a clean ride. She’ll be proud.


As long as the suns out, suds out. Our car washers are working around the clock to deliver you the most client-centric car wash, ever.


Whatever you need. Exterior, interior, detail? Ask and you shall receive.

Set location

Simply check in at your car, or drop a pin at its location. Our carcierge is immediately dispatched to you. No more waiting in line, we’re bringing the car wash to you, with just the tap of a button on the LeafBlast mobile car wash app.

Mobile Car Wash Service

Select wash

Choose exactly what your car needs; exterior wash, vacuum, or even a wax. Learn more about our efficient procedureusing only 1 gallon of water per wash.

Mobile Car Wash Business

Live updates

On demand means live updates and eta’s of your car wash through the LeafBlast app. You’ll know exactly when your carcierge arrives, starts, and completes your wash.

Drought friendly

1 Gallon per wash when it comes to water consumption; some people use more water washing their hands. We’re efficient, nearly 5 times more conservative than the industry average. This means drought-friendly, yet highly effective.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Coverage

Our comprehensive insurance plan has your vehicle covered up to $1M. We love cars and love people, therefore we would only provide a service, which we would use for ourselves. Founded on selfless service, LeafBlast treats everyone and their belongings with the utmost care and respect. Quality you’ll rave about. Become a LeafBlast Carcierge

Hapiness Guaranteed

Happiness Guaranteed

Rest assured, if you’re not happy with our service, we’ll refund your money and pay for your car wash elsewhere. Our mission is to get our clients to fall in love with the whole LeafBlast experience. So expect nothing less than the best, we’re raising the bar on what client care should feel like. Learn more

Can you help test our app? Promise it'll be fun!

Become a beta tester and you'll be able to test our app, and receive free car washes before we launch in the app store. How cool is that? 

Looking forward to it!

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